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Site Inspections
and Measurements

  At ATC Shades we know the importance of the proper fit and finish of our product, and the first and most important step is to inspect the site and take proper measurements. A well manufactured shade is of little value if the primary purpose is to block out glare for the controllers and their equipment, and fails due to poor measuring.


     We pride ourselves on constantly updating our databases of existing and new towers, their design, new equipment added into the cab, and the challenges that may arise in a tower with existing shades. Our Installation Technicians are constantly conducting installations nationwide, and this mobility offers them the opportunity to schedule and perform site inspections at everyone's convenience.


    There are many important details taken into account during our visit, such as hardware placement and the ergonomics of operations by the controllers around their equipment. These notes are formulated into an equipment list and directions to follow on the day of installation to efficiently complete the work, in many instances in an active cab, in the shortest time possible.


New and Existing

     Paramount to producing the finest fitting shade, built beyond the FAA specs with the best materials available, is the quality of the installation and the experience for the airport facility. Our installation technicians have years of experience in not only new towers, but also older and smaller towers that present unique challenges for the removal of the old shades and replacing with new ones.

  Working closely with airport managers, ATC Facilities and Engineering Services for the FAA, the Air Traffic Controllers and Supervisors inside an active cab the day of installation, requires knowledge, skill, and flexibility that our technicians provide. The final product is a professional installation with no interruption of airport operations or communications.

     At your convenience, whether day, night or weekend, our team is prepped and prepared to arrive and work at your facility to complete this project in a qualified manner, and in the quickest and most efficient method possible. Our R&D department is developing time saving methods for reducing the installation time in the cab, and lessening the time onsite to complete an installation.


Motorized Shades, ATCT-Ramp Control

     A popular upgrade, especially larger ATCT cabs, is for motorized shades. The cab size, number of shades, accessibility around the perimeter with regard to consoles and equipment, all play a role in the decision.


   We have also developed an installation method that provides a twofold benefit. It removes the motors from the pocket/ceiling area and brings it down to the windowsill level for easy access. It also offers the ability of providing manual backup operation of a shade if the motor fails or if there is an electrical failure. Every motorized shade would have a primary cable with a quick disconnect, plus a manual backup cord ready to be clipped on should the need arise. This system would ensure that all shades would remain operational, whether in motorized or manual mode.   

Touchscreen Control Pad
for Motorized Shades
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